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Overrogue is a rougelite card-deck builder, now available on Android and iOS

Overrogue is a rougelite card-deck builder, now available on Android and iOS
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Kemco has announced the launch of their card deck-building roguelite Overrogue on Android and iOS. Overrogue will feature multiple different card genres with unique cards to build an all-powerful deck. Based on the card type, there are also five labyrinth themes like poison or graveyards. With progress, as the number of cards increase, each labyrinth will bring with it a diverse deck of cards. Players can mess around and customize decks based on their playstyle with over 300 types of cards and 150 unique treasures to choose from.

The Overlord Selection Battle

The game is set in the underworld, with the primary goal being to achieve victory in the Overlord Selection Battle along with Sael, the Overlord’s son. The horrifying creature-laden underworld holds this contest to crown the next Overlord. By completing labyrinths and collecting crystals, players can slowly ascend the ranks in a long and apparently amusing story.


Overrogue features over ten labyrinths for players to get lost in. These mazes will contain various zones like battle squares, event squares, and card shop squares. Labyrinths can be cleared by reaching their deepest parts while defeating enemies on the way. Enemy characteristics will differ with each labyrinth.

Themes and Decks

Players can choose up to five themes which include poison utilization or graveyards. With an increase in the number of cards with each round, every maze run will be a fresh experience.

Cards and Treasure

Overrogue will feature more than 300 different cards and over 150 unique types of treasures that can be unlocked. This will allow for massive customization to create the strongest possible deck. Numerous decks can be created for specific purposes like one that maximizes power, one with a high turnover rate, a defensive one, or even one which is an amalgamation of a few different characteristics.

If you fancy taking over the underworld, download Overrogue on the App Store for $6.99 USD and on Google Play for $7.99 USD. Some countries will have a free version with ads.

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