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Otaku's Adventure takes players on a bizarre journey to find true love in an anime-styled world

Otaku's Adventure takes players on a bizarre journey to find true love in an anime-styled world

Are you looking for an anime adventure? Then XD Inc’s latest title Otaku’s Adventure should be perfect for you. It takes players on a whimsical journey through the perfect otaku romance story. With its manga-like art style and point-and-click gameplay, players are set to be privy to the most atypical love story that promises to satisfy all anime fans as they help a lonely otaku out by finding love for him.

Otaku’s Adventure revolves around the life of a young boy whose life has been shaken up by the arrival of three mysterious girls – first is Waifu, who’s a peculiar art student housing a scary secret, Gohard, the classic gamer girl, and finally (´.ω.') (uwu?), a Witch whose name neither us nor anyone in the game world can pronounce.

Everything is up to the player as they make choices that will send them only vastly unique adventures with the girls. Expect to be on a top-secret mission saving the world with one, go to space and find your way home while running from alien kidnappers with another, and slay ferocious monsters with the third! As the story progresses, deeper relations will be formed with the ladies.

Gameplay-wise, besides making choices, there are a lot of shooting mini-games and turn-based battles that show off some of Otaku Adventure’s RPG elements. Additionally, loads of puzzles will be present alongside anime and game easter eggs waiting to be found. The game’s mobile version has been refreshed in English and right now, with Waifu’s expansion, The World Just Keeps Turning is available for free.

Do remember that one wrong move can put you six feet under, but the right choices take you straight to the heaven you’ve dreamt of. What will you choose? Download Otaku’s Adventure now on the App Store and TapTap for just $1.99 this week ($2.99 next week onwards).

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