Help fund One Touch Game Builder on Kickstarter and create your own mobile games

No programming skills needed

Help fund One Touch Game Builder on Kickstarter and create your own mobile games

Spanish indie developer Invedars has launched a Kickstarter campaign in the hope of funding a multi-platform game creation tool called One Touch Game Builder.

According to its Kickstarter profile, this tool will allow you to create simple 2D horizontal and vertical scrolling games regardless of whether or not you have any programming skills.

With a publisher's license, you can even flog the titles you create on the App Store, Google Play, the Mac App Store, and any other digital stores that you can think of.

Lick of paint

One Touch Game Builder will feature automatic scenario generation, which - basically - means that you won't have to spend countless hours meticulously crafting platforms and other scenery.

Scenery will instead be created dynamically as you play based on a range of values that you tweak in advance.

Similarly, if you don't fancy creating your own graphics, One Touch Game Builder will arrive packing five pre-installed sets of graphics, which you're free to modify.

One Touch Game Builder is available with three different licences: User, which is £9; Editor, which is £25; and Publisher, which will set you back £99 (£79 if you act fast).

If you're planning on selling the game's you create, you'll need that last one.

One Touch Game Builder - providing it meets its £8,000 funding goal - will be released this August for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux.

The titles you create will be playable on the above platforms, as well as on Ouya, Kindle Fire, and Windows Phone.

Previous studies

This, of course, isn't the first mobile game creation tool to hit Kickstarter.

Back in December, The Curse developer Mojo Bones began a campaign for GameTron 1000. It was looking for a whopping £90,000.

How did the campaign go? Not very well. The campaign was a failure, and Mojo Bones only received just over £4,000 in pledges. Still, the developer has plans to release the app this year.

Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
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