Odokonia, a free turn-based base builder game is out now for Android and iOS

Odokonia, a free turn-based base builder game is out now for Android and iOS
| Odokonia
  • Odokonia is a turn-based builder
  • It pits you against other players and AI
  • The game boasts unusual mechanics and procedurally generated battlegrounds

Free-to-play turn-based base builder Odokonia is set to release for iOS and Android today. The ad-supported F2P title pits you against either AI or other players as you battle it out to take control of the land of Odokonia. To do so you'll wield a roster of units, buildings and more in order to conquer the islands while eliminating your opponents as you go.

Red (and blue) alert

While Odokonia is quite the lo-fi game without the benefit of more advanced graphics, it does present some very interesting mechanics. For one, Action Playback Grouping means your turn takes place all at once, with you setting out where your characters go and what they do; meaning there is a significant challenge to predict, for example, where the enemy is when you send out your troops.

Odokonia also boasts procedural generation and the recent addition of boats to allow players to move between the islands on the map. Units can also act whilst on these boats, including boarding and constructing while still on-board the ship, meaning you can build on single-hex islands which might otherwise be inaccessible. 

While Odokonia may not dazzle with graphics, it may be worth a go just for the mixture of mechanics alone. And with the mobile-first focus, it might just be worth a go to experience them for yourself.

You can check out the boat's teaser trailer below!

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Like many mobile games nowadays, Odokonia is also billing itself as a 'true free-to-play' with no microtransactions and only ad-supported monetisation. You can disable ads with a payment of $1 a month which developer HexTech Studios says will mainly go towards future costs and development.

And if, for whatever reason, Odokonia doesn't look like your thing then don't fret. We've ranked the top 25 strategy games on iOS and the same on Android for you to peruse!

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