Sudoku meets Dulux on your mobile

Nurikabe paints a fresh puzzle challenge on your phone

Sudoku meets Dulux on your mobile
| Nurikabe

Bored of Sudoku? Kakuro just too easy? Then maybe you should try Nurikabe from Breakpoint games, which puts a fresh gloss on those number grid puzzles.

The aim of the game is to help Dr. Tetsuo paint squares of the grid-laden walls of his laboratory with either white or blue paint. But you can't just slap the matt around as you might do at home (and don't even talk to him about stencilling or a terracotta wash). You have to fill the grid in accordance with strict mathematical rules to create islands of white amidst the colour.

Sounds a bit too much like hard work? We thought so too, but Breakpoint assures us that as with sudoku, these rules soon become second nature, providing for intuitive, addictive but brain-busting action.

And if it all gets too much, Dr. Tetsuo is on hand to help out with hints. He might even lend a hand with a little brushwork of his own.

With hundreds of unique boards on offer there should be plenty to keep you busy (and safely away from doing any real DIY). But will it all add up to an experience that's more interesting than watching paint dry? You'll have to wait for our review to find out.