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Nuclear Golf is a radioactive sport sim due this Summer

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Nuclear Golf is a radioactive sport sim due this Summer
| Nuclear Golf

You've played golf games before but probably nothing like this.

Nuclear Golf is coming to Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita this Summer and sees you destroy entire courses, while levelling up golf balls, and squaring off against oversized bosses.

Balls can change into everything from flaming, bouncy meteors to high-flying drones.

Courses vary from underground sewer systems, to open fields set ablaze, and the aim is to get the highest score possible with the lowest amount of shots.

All courses are filled with radiation, meaning you have to pay attention to the geiger counter at the top of the screen in addition to your strokes. If you don't, your body will melt into mush and nobody wants that.

The game has a really quirky sense of humour with a varied roster of golfers and a riff-roaring heavy metal soundtrack, so it definitely stands out from the crowd and has our attention.

Nuclear Golf looks like it could be decent fun. We've got no firm release date yet, but this trailer should help tide you over while you wait.

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