Post-apocalyptic deck-building RPG Nowhere Prophet gets a stylish new trailer

Desert oasis decks

Post-apocalyptic deck-building RPG Nowhere Prophet gets a stylish new trailer

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Two years ago, Sharkbomb Games revealed the tribal world and turn-battles of Nowhere Prophet, a hybrid of roguelike, RPG, and deck-building card game. The game was still in the early stages of development then, but a new trailer reveals the stylish new art style and mechanics of the upcoming title.

Nowhere Prophet puts the player in the role of leader for a nomadic tribe of outcasts, as they travel a post-apocalyptic landscape in search of the mysterious Crypt. Each playthrough, your journey is randomly-generated from different random events and special nodes, your convoy moving between nodes in a fashion to FTL.

You'll have to manage supplies and your party to survive the journey, but not every situation can be overcome through talk and trading.

Nowhere Prophet's combat promises turn-based strategy, using your party's special cards and abilities against bandits, creatures, mystics, and rival clans. Class-specific attacks and equipment such as shivs, molotovs, scrap throwers, and mind relays allow for varied tactics and help the tide in tough fights.

Nowhere Prophet is expected to release on PC first, currently seeking votes on Steam Greenlight, with mobile and console versions coming afterwards. You can learn more and follow the game here.

Christian Valentin
Christian Valentin
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