Nowhere Prophet is a blend of sci-fi roguelike and card game

A far-future frontier

Nowhere Prophet is a blend of sci-fi roguelike and card game

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Nowhere Prophet combines card-game combat with exploration and random events, in development for tablets and other platforms.

Described as "Hearthstone meets Banner Saga", Nowhere Prophet drops you on untamed frontier planet Soma. You and others embark on a dangerous journey to find the fabled Crypt.

As you travel across this world, you'll encounter threats and dangers, engaging in tactical card combat. As your team gathers new gear and skills, your deck will grow, unlocking new strategies.

Each playthrough features a randomly generated world and myriad random events to deal with. But this roguelike approach doesn't mean everything is lost when you perish; persistent items and abilities will carry across expeditions.

Nowhere Prophet is in development for PC, tablets, and consoles. The PC version will release first, with the mobile and console versions coming later.

Details on release dates, specific platforms, or price are vague at the moment, but we'll let you know as more information becomes available.

You can learn more about Nowhere Prophet here.

Christian Valentin
Christian Valentin
Christian always had a interest in indie games and loves to give the games that so easily go unnoticed the attention they deserve