Watch some new Northgard mobile gameplay in our stream later

Watch some new Northgard mobile gameplay in our stream later
| Northgard

If you tune into our Pocket Gamer LaunchPad livestream later today you’ll be able to check out some gameplay from the upcoming Northgard, which is coming to iOS in April and Android later in the year.

Northgard was announced to be coming to mobile late last year, and we featured it as part of the last LaunchPad live event. This version of the game is being ported and published by Playdigious, the team also responsible for Dungeon of the Endless, Cultist Simulator, and Dead Cells.

Northgard has previously been released on PC and consoles, selling over two million units in the meantime and holding a nice Metacritic score within the range of 77-80. It received major updates after launch too, Ragnarok, Relics and Conquest, which will all be available in the mobile version when it releases.

The gameplay we’ll be showing later today in the stream is a short video at about seven minutes long, and it details some of the activities you can expect to engage with while playing Northgard. This includes combat, resource management, and the light city building aspects of the game.

For a quick rundown: Northgard is a strategy game about Norse mythology that has you conquering the continent through fighting other clans, surviving against great beasts, and contending with the harsh environment and the effects it brings.

Expect more details about the game to drop in the stream, as well as more coming in the weeks ahead as Northgard prepares for its 13th April release. Northgard can be pre-ordered now from the iOS App Store, where it is a paid title costing $7.99. The game will also arrive on Android later in the year.

You can head over to the PocketGamer LaunchPad hub to find all of our exclusive announcements from our two-day event - and don't forget to tune in at 5PM UK Time for our amazing reveal stream!