Noah's Heart is an upcoming MMORPG now available for playtesting on Android

Noah's Heart is an upcoming MMORPG now available for playtesting on Android
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Archosaur Games, a developer from China, is bringing a brand new anime MMORPG called Noah's Heart to Android and iOS. They have announced a playtest that will begin on December 21st and run until 27th.

Like Archosaur's previous game Dragon Raja, Noah's Heart is also built on Unreal Engine 4. The character models look a bit similar as well. Archosaur has claimed that Noah's Heart would be the first of its kind, providing a seamless open-world experience.

There are three options available for anyone interested in joining the playtest: Explorer, Pioneer, and Envoy. Explorer is the typical sign-up option while Pioneer is available for anyone interested in becoming a future community contributor. This option provides more rewards in exchange for sharing the sign-up page on your social media. Finally, Envoy is dedicated to content creators and media representatives.

About the game

Noah's Heart is set on a fictional planet called Noah, which is filled with mysteries and wonders waiting to be explored. It has a weapon-based class system where you can choose from a sword, dual blades, bow, or polearm. Each of these weapons has its own pros and cons, and it will be up to you to use them wisely and according to your playstyle.

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You can also choose the character's career between craftsman, tailor, and master chef, each with unique abilities like producing items and supplies that you and your team can use out on the field.

Here is how to sign-up for the beta

You can sign up now for the chance to try out these features first-hand on the game's official website. The playtest will be limited to 5000 players. It's also now available for pre-download on Google Play.

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