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Noah's Heart: Five reasons to play this truly massive MMORPG

Noah's Heart: Five reasons to play this truly massive MMORPG

Archosaur Games' recent release, Noah's Heart is a sequel to their previous MMORPG Dragon Raja. The game features a vast, open-world environment players can explore, as they equip Phantoms and battle fearsome beasts along the way. Boasting a whopping 64 million square meters just waiting to be uncovered, the game is a massive passion project that's been years in the making - and here's why you should join in on all the fun.

A limitless world of wonder

This gorgeous open-world game lets players venture out into the great, big world by literally offering a whole planet for them to explore. The planet of Noah shows you an authentic "world" map in that starting your journey at one point on the globe can allow you to circle the world and end up right back where you started. This massive undertaking is the epitome of a truly open world - and all you have to do is take the first step.

As you navigate the world across land, water, and air, you can soar through the skies with your jetpack, race across plains with your trusty steed, or board a ship to traverse the seas. You can also ride steam trains and airships to make sure you get to see every corner of the globe during your travels.

Deep character customisation

Noah's Heart gives you the freedom to be whoever you want to be. From the very beginning, you can customise your character using all kinds of defining elements from body size to facial features.

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You can also spice up your look with a wide variety of outfits you can craft at the tailor shop, making sure that you sport your favourite style as you set off on your adventure.

Action-packed combat and epic quests

With six unique weapons for you to choose from, you can style your combat strategy to suit your preferences best out on the battlefield. In particular, the bow, crossbow, dual blades, lance, dart, and sword and shield can offer very distinct characteristics you can tinker around with during combat.

These weapons also feature a vast skill tree you can explore. Finding the best combination of unlockable abilities can boost your survivability in a pinch and tip the scales of battle in your favour.

Interesting Phantoms to get familiar with

The game also features an adorable pet system, as well as a lovely housing feature where you can relax and unwind with your friends after a long day of battling and exploration. You can spend forever experimenting with the Phantoms in the menu as well.

In particular, you can collect Phantoms that you can bond with as you learn not only their special abilities but also their personal backstories. These collectable Phantoms let you interact with legendary characters and discover active and passive buffs that can aid you during combat.

A truly "massive" adventure

From snowy mountaintops to breathtaking fields of green as far as the eye can see, the landscape of Noah's Heart lets you encounter all kinds of creatures in the wild and hidden treasures to unearth. You can also put your skills to the test by challenging the World Boss, or solve puzzles to discover the mysteries of ancient relics.

If you're keen on getting your hands on Noah's Heart and seeing it for yourself, the game is free to play and available to download on Android, iOS and PC. And we have a surprise: first three hundred Pocket Gamer readers can redeem the code AGAKDVP to claim exclusive game gifts. Don’t forget to visit the official website to stay updated on all the latest developments and make sure to follow the Facebook and Discord channel for more exciting news!