Nintendo Labo Variety Kit cheats and tips - Everything you need to catch sharks and more

Shark, crab, manta, swordfish...

Nintendo Labo Variety Kit cheats and tips - Everything you need to catch sharks and more
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Fishing is the best. Like, not real fishing, there's some mild concerns about animal rights there that I can't quite reconcile, unfortunately. Virtual fishing, though? I'm all about it, and you will be too.

Fishing minigames are great, and the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit Fishing Rod ToyCon you'll be able to dive deep into the ocean and spend some time with what might be the most addictive cardboard toy I've ever touched.

Interestingly, the Fishing Rod ToyCon just might be the deepest ToyCon game available in the Variety Kit, and as such, we've put together a few tips for you to become a fishing pro.

You'll soon go from mackerel mate to shark-catching saviour with these Fishing Rod tips!

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Diving to the depths

You can really (should that bee reel-y? Har har…) take that fishing rod deep into the ocean and there's some pretty funky fish down there.

But most interestingly, at least from my perspective, is that down on the sea bed, you can catch a crab.

Yep! Fish get more interesting and more difficult the deeper you get, and the crab with his nippy claws might be the toughest. Get your hook under his claw and then yank just as you feel the vibration.

Little fish? Big fish

Little fish are great and everything, but big fish are way better, right? Right! And you can actually use your little fish as bait for those big ones.

The shark is, obviously going to be the one to aim for in this situation, even though he is going to be pulling at that line pretty hard.

You don't need to get a fish on your line to attract bigger ones, but it can help!

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Leading the way, not snapping your line

When a fish is pulling on your line it might snap suspiciously quickly. You don't want that, in case it wasn't obvious.

The fish, when pulling away, will be leading your rod either to the right of the left. Essentially, you want to angle the tip of your rod in front of the fish, which ever direction it might be facing.

You might even want to give the line some slack if the fish are pulling particularly fiercely. Either lower the tip of your rod, or simply give the fish some more line by reeling it out.

Reel big fish

Getting in the bigguns is gonna be tough and, in case it wasn't obvious already, your success is tightly connected to your reel control. It's really serious stuff. And yes, I'll stop the reel puns.

Reeling in fish quickly is good, but you're not going to be aware of when your line is in danger. The second it starts flashing, stop reeling and follow the fish's direction with the tip of your rod.

The health of your line doesn't regenerate, so if you mess up early and your fish tugs really hard, to breaking point, it'll probably all be over shortly after. Which is exactly why you need to be aware and give the line slack, especially when it's the more fearsome fishies.

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Shark, crab

The shark and the crab are, for my money, easily the two most enticing aquatic creatures to capture. Cheeky blighters, the pair of them.

As we've mentioned, getting the shark will require some expert line handling, and you might find it easier to catch if you've already had a smaller fish on your line, like a Mackerel, for the shark to latch on to.

Pulling the shark out of the dark depths is actually easy once he's on the line, it's getting him safely through the rest of the ocean without him snapping the line that's difficult.

The crab however is way more difficult. Is he just cutting the line with his claw? Naughty snippy boy. Though even the crab is surmountable with some perseverance.

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