Nile Valley is a farming simulator set in the wild territories of ancient Egypt, now out for Android

The latest title from 8K GAMES LIMITED is now available for Android

Nile Valley is a farming simulator set in the wild territories of ancient Egypt, now out for Android
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Nile valley is a mobile farm simulator where players are tasked with helping Amisi and Asibo deal with tricky situations during their family farm adventures. The game will have players explore the wild territories of ancient Egypt along with the young married couple. Players will also have to find the best farmland to seed and harvest to eventually build a strong and prosperous farm and city.

Game features

Nile Valley will offer gamers several engaging features to develop their growing city. They will be able to add factories and farms to their cities and obtain resources for crafting useful materials needed for farming, travel, buildings, and quests.

The game will also offer players the ability to plant and harvest crops and feed animals to obtain animal products in their quest to develop the best farm. Players can also engage in mini-games at these farms and other locations.

Other prominent features of the game include the presence of spectacular visuals filled with history and the beauty of nature and several famous game characters with backstories to learn.

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Final words

Nile Valley provides players with an entertaining gameplay style with several elements commonly seen in many farming simulators. However, the game is also filled with several other additions, which saves it from being just another farming game.

Features like the inclusion of mini-games at farms and other locations provide a diverse experience to players and help in making the game unique.

However, the main feature that appears to make it a standout from the rest is undoubtedly the presence of an ancient Egyptian setting. Adding ancient characters into the game is another inclusion that enhances its historical aspects. The past stories told by these characters will be a welcome feature for lovers of history. It will also provide gamers with insights into the history of Egypt.

Nile valley is a fun game that perfectly combines entertainment with history. The early access version of Nile valley is now available to download on Android from Google Play.

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