Wemade's new blockchain MMORPG Night Crows is out now for PC and mobile

Participate in grand battles in a fantastical 13th century Europe.

Wemade's new blockchain MMORPG Night Crows is out now for PC and mobile
  • Take to the skies using a glider to perform aerial combat.
  • Choose from 4 classes and ascend through the ranks.
  • The game supports cross-play.

Wemade’s new blockchain MMORPG, Night Crows, has officially launched. The game, which supports cross-play between PC and mobile, takes place in Europe during the 13th century. In this game, fantasy melds with history to create an engaging and imaginative version of medieval Europe.

A giant war is brewing in the world of Night Crows, and you get to be a part of it. The game promises realistic battles with every detail, from how a minster moves when damaged to the impact of different weapons taken into account. You'll enjoy engaging in real-time combat as you complete quests and receive promotions.

Discover the diverse character classes in Night Crows, each with two subclasses and three stages of advancement. Start your journey as a Swordsman and ascend to become a formidable Mad Slayer or a noble Royal Knight. Alternatively, begin as a Witch and transcend to become a powerful Archmage or a revered Saint Cleric. Whatever your RPG class preference, Night Crows has got you covered.

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The game boats in-sky combat thanks to the use of Gliders. Equipped with a glider, your character can glide and hover in the air for effective airborne combat. You'll take advantage of updrafts to boost your flight and experience each battle from land and sky.

Built using Unreal Engine 5, Night Crows boasts gorgeous high-end graphics. In addition, the game features its own all-in-one market where you can exchange tokens. The market also acts as a request station.
Night Crows is available to download via the App Store, Google Play, and the game's official website for PC.

You can learn more about this stunning RPG by perusing the Night Crows website. To keep up with all the latest news and updates, follow Night Crows on X (Twitter) or Facebook. Currently, the game has a rating of 2.4 and 3 on Google Play and the App Store, respectively. Hopefully, with future patches, the game will be better received.

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Jack Brassell
Jack Brassell
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