Gameloft touches the gridiron with NFL 2010

Madden to get a run for his money

Gameloft touches the gridiron with NFL 2010

Hoping to tackle EA Mobile's pigskin heavyweight on iPhone, Gameloft is putting NFL 2010 on the scrimmage line.

Already available on a select number of mobile handsets, NFL 2010 is slated to appear on the App Store with embellishments specific to iPhone and iPod Touch. Enhanced graphics and touch controls highlight a list of features.

EA has long reigned supreme with its Madden NFL series, even going so far as to secure exclusive rights to the license on console and handheld platforms. That, however, may change now that Gameloft is taking to the field with a fully licensed game.

First screenshots flaunt the game's official status, the NFL logo appear in bright colours on the field. Full team rosters are being promised too. No word on what kind of modes will be include, though some details on the controls can be gleaned from the shots.

The controls leverage a combination virtual analogue stick and set of context-sensitive virtual buttons. Tackling, for instance, is done by tapping a button labeled with a skull in the lower-right corner. When in possession, the buttons change function.

Touchdown or turnover, Gameloft says to expect NFL 2010 to arrive on the App Store before August is out.