Gameloft cancels online multiplayer update for NFL 2010

iPhone and iPod touch version to remain single player only

Gameloft cancels online multiplayer update for NFL 2010

Despite promises of an update adding multiplayer, Gameloft has decided not to release such an update for American football game NFL 2010.

When the game was released back in early September, it arrived without multiplayer of any kind. In our review, we specifically reiterated a pledge made by Gameloft to update with both Bluetooth and online play.

Only one update - a modest one adding in NFL player head shots and an RSS feed - has been made available since the game's release.

Request for comment has been lodged with Gameloft on several occasions and we continue to await a formal reply.

Without an official answer and the football post-season about to wrap up, we can only assume that the previously planned update has been sacked.

That leaves rival Madden NFL 10 the only American football game on iPhone and iPod touch with multiplayer; however, only Bluetooth is supported.

NFL 2010 is available now for iPhone and iPod touch at a price of £1.79/$2.99.

Tracy Erickson
Tracy Erickson
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