ZuneHD price leaked, undercuts iPod touch by $100

$290 suggested for 32GB ZuneHD model

ZuneHD price leaked, undercuts iPod touch by $100

We've been following the development of Microsoft's iPod touch killer the ZuneHD for quite some time, intrigued by the notion that the high definition video device is rumoured to be able to play Xbox Live games.

Amazon just put its listing for the ZuneHD live on its American website, with a price tag around of $290 for the 32GB model and $220 for the 16GB device. The price was quickly removed from the listing, but it was up there long enough to undoubtedly send an anxious ripple through Apple's marketing department.

This pricing structure puts the multi-touch Microsoft device a full $100 closer to our pockets than the iPod touch. And if this proves true, it could easily give the Apple competitor a serious leg up just in time for the holiday season.

The ZuneHD is expected to be released this autumn to coincide with the launch of Zune services on Xbox Live. The bad news? It's only scheduled for a US release, with no immediate plans to take the device and global.


Still, looks like a pretty sweet device, eh?

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