Zune Phone ‘100 per cent confirmed’ for MWC

Microsoft’s potential iPhone-beater to be revealed in February

Zune Phone ‘100 per cent confirmed’ for MWC

With the Mobile World Conference (MWC) beginning in a mere 13 days in Barcelona, Spanish site MuyComputer has confirmed that Microsoft’s rumoured Zune phone' is '‘100 per cent confirmed’ for the event.

Why the quotation marks? Well the Zune phone is rumoured to be actually a Windows Mobile 7 smartphone with Zune software installed, rather than being a Zune HD with a phone bolted on.

If the rumours are to be believed, the phone will have an HDMI-out socket, which suggests it’ll be packing quite a bit of grunt - enough to run HD video, although nothing solid has come to light just yet.

Zune already enjoys a form of integration with Microsoft’s successful Xbox 360 console, with its brand name plastered all over the video marketplace.

As to whether the new phone will offer a genuine gaming alternative along with video capabilities, though, we’ll have to wait and see.

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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