Zune HD launches in US, games include Project Gotham Racing

Along with Vans Sk8: Pool Service and Audiosurf Tilt

Zune HD launches in US, games include Project Gotham Racing

Our lucky American gaming cousins are rejoicing today as the iPod touch gets some much needed competition from Microsoft. The highly anticipated Zune HD has hit the shelves.

A significant aspect of Microsoft's plan to establish the Zune HD is through a close interaction with Xbox Live, allowing users to download and rent HD video content on the go.

"With today’s announcement, the Zune business is growing into a comprehensive entertainment service that’s no longer tied to any one screen or device," says Enrique Rodriguez, corporate vice president of the TV, Video and Music Business at Microsoft. "Zune lets consumers connect to their music, TV shows and movie content and enjoy it on the three screens they use every day."

Which is all very nice, but it's the allusions toward gaming that we're really interested in, and Microsoft has finally confirmed that "fun 3-D games" are in the works.

Project Gotham Racing: Ferrari Edition, Vans Sk8: Pool Service and Audiosurf Tilt are the only ones to be mentioned by name so far (Project Gotham Racing being the game we picked up on the other day, I suspect) which will be available through the Zune Marketplace.

It's also planning non-gaming apps, and although a calculator and weather application aren't going to make Apple quake in its orchard just yet, the promise of Twitter and Facebook applications suggests lots of potential for the sexy new device.

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