Zeemote JS1 working on the iPhone

Apple handset gets physical buttons from Bluetooth controller

Zeemote JS1 working on the iPhone

The Zeemote JS1 Bluetooth controller got us all pretty excited when it first appeared on the mobile scene, and as we've seen this morning its range of compatible products is rapidly expanding.

And while this is in no way official, it seems some clever clogs has now got the compact thumb stick and buttons working with the iPhone.

Stu has already pointed out that the 3.0 software (due to be rolled out tomorrow) that support for accessories and peripherals and one of the major improvements gamers will notice from the new firmware.

Let's just hope it won't be too long before the Zeemote is an officially supported iPhone peripheral. There are a huge number of games that would benefit immensely from being able to use the excellent Bluetooth thumb stick and physical buttons, demonstrated here in this YouTube video.

Exactly how much work it would take to make ends compatible with the Zeemote, I wouldn't like to say, but we can hope that a quick update is all it would take to put an iPhone compatible joystick in our hands.

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