What you'll be getting with the new 3DS firmware upgrade

Another update, Gromit?

What you'll be getting with the new 3DS firmware upgrade

There was a time when 'firmware' was a boring word that only bespectacled, pen-pocketed nerds could possibly get excited about.

The current generation of games consoles has changed all that. Now a firmware update means everything from virtually invisible UI tweaks to revolutionary changes make your console feel like a new machine.

Earlier today, Nintendo announced a new firmware update for the 3DS coming, so what can we expect?

These things. That's what.

3D Video Recording

Not only will your 3DS still take all the same pictures it used to, but now you’ll be able to record 3D video as well. Up to ten minutes of video can be recorded at one time, and you can also combine pictures into stop-motion shorts.

New Puzzles for StreetPass and Mii Plaza

The patch is introducing a whole new pack of puzzles and adventures in StreetPass Quest and Mii Plaza, including a new multiplayer dungeon. New content for SpotPass

SpotPass is the part of your 3DS that is constantly searching for wireless hotspots that it can use to download any new content. Up for download after this patch are 3D videos from Red Bull and Eurosport, and a series of Shaun the Sheep shorts from Aardman Animations.

New eShop Games

Five new games are available to download.

3D Classics: Kirby’s Adventure - a 3D port of the NES original that will let you see the very beginnings of our precious pink protagonist as you travel through ancient Dream Land. Out on November 17th for around £6.

Freakyforms - create ‘formees’, creatures made from unlockable body parts, and explore your world. Eventually, you'll get to the stage where you can shape the planet itself. Out on November 10th for around £6.

Pullblox - a puzzle-platformer where you have to slide out and use your own platforms. Pull out the wrong sections, or pull out the right sections too far, and you block your own route to the finish. Out this December for around £6.

Nintendo Letter Box - write and draw letters to your friends, which you can send via StreetPass and the internet. You can also enclose 3D photos. Out this December for free.

Dillon’s Rolling Western - take on the role of a grizzled, Eastwood-esque armadillo and run down your enemies in this adventure game. With what look like Okami-inspired graphics and fighting systems, the game promises to be a gorgeous experience. Out in 2012.

These announcements came bundled with a whole host of new games, but this is the stuff you’ll be getting as your 3DS updates itself. We’ll be covering the downloadable games as they come out, but until then tell us what you think about the update.