Vollee lets you play PC games on your mobile phone

Proper PC games, we mean

Vollee lets you play PC games on your mobile phone

Ever heard of place-shifting? It's the word used to describe services like SlingBox, which streams your home television to your mobile phone over the 3G mobile network. You watch all your usual home channels, but on your phone.

Well, Vollee is a company trying to do a similar thing for gaming. In a nutshell, it lets you play PC games on your mobile phone, from first-person shooters through to massively multiplayer online roleplaying games.

Not conversions of them. The actual games!

How? Basically, the games are running on Vollee's servers, and the action streaming to your phone is live video of the game (optimised for the portrait mobile screen, obviously), with the connection taking your button presses back in return.

It's certainly intriguing, although we do have reservations. If you're playing these games multiplayer, how can you expect to compete with someone on a proper PC, if you're mashing mobile keypad buttons? What's the latency like? And does it let you play Football Manager on your phone? (Note, if the answer to the last one is yes, it outweighs all our other objections.)

Anyway, Vollee sounds like a company to watch, especially as it's holding off on announcing which games will work with its technology until it launches. We're hoping to have a chat to find out more, so click 'Track It!' to keep tabs on the company and this interesting new service whenever we write about it.