US DS Wi-Fi network revealed

Nintendo partners with GameSpy for DS multiplayer

US DS Wi-Fi network revealed

As announced by Nintendo head-honcho Satora Iwata at the Game Developers Conference, more details have been revealed about the company's plans to provide free Wi-Fi connectivity for DS gamers. Online gaming portal GameSpy will provide gamers with a simple means of playing against opponents, whether their buddylist friends or unknown players from around the world. Players will need to be in a Wi-Fi hotspot or within range of their home network to access the GameSpy server, but neither Nintendo or GameSpy will charge for the service.

First game to take advantage of the US service, which is expected to launch in the summer, will be Animal Crossing DS and further titles will be announced at E3. But, as yet, there are no details about when (or if) the service will be launched in Europe.