Time Extended: Win a Sony Xperia S and more!

Contest now open for an extra week

Time Extended: Win a Sony Xperia S and more!

Officially, our scavenger hunt for Xperia S goodies ends tomorrow, but as my hiding of codes proved a little too good (what can I say, I'm pretty decent at placing things where no one can find them), we've decided to extend the competition for an extra week.

If you want a chance at winning one of five Xperia S handsets, all you need to do is find one of the QR codes hidden around the website, click (or scan) it, and then type the secret word into the competition entry form.

What to do to win

There are five QR codes in total. By typing in any of the five secret words revealed by the QR code, you're in with a chance of winning one of the Xperia S handsets.

If you enter all five (either all at once, or over multiple entries), you'll be entered into our Grand Prize Draw to win not just an Xperia S, but also a Bravia TV and a Vaio laptop. Tops!

You can fill in the competition form by clicking here. To get you going, here are a few (even more obvious) clues to help you hunt those QR codes down:

First word: Xperia S review.

Second word: Metal Slug review.

Third word: Pocket Gamer Podcast Special.

Fourth word: Day 3 of the scavenger hunt story.

Fifth word: Lili news story.

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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