TIGA and Chartboost partner up to aid indie games discovery

Form dedicated group on promo network

TIGA and Chartboost partner up to aid indie games discovery

UK trade association, TIGA, has announced a partnership with Chartboost, the mobile technology platform that allows developers to share their networks to enable cross promotion and distribution of games.

The two parties have established a dedicated the TIGA group on Chartboost's network, with the hope being developers will be able to collaborate with other outfits through Chartboost's Direct Deals platform.

Such a move is designed to help developers find promotional partners, exchange traffic, and run campaigns with each other, all at no cost.

Networking networks

As a result of the pairing, TIGA is set to open up Chartboost's platforms available to it members, handing them the possibility of triggering Chartboost campaigns across the platform's existing network of 16,000 titles.

"TIGA is delighted to announce our new partnership with Chartboost, and we would like to encourage our wide range of members to take advantage of the excellent opportunities and services that Chartboost can offer their games," said TIGA CEO Dr. Richard Wilson.

"Having our own group on the Chartboost platform will make it far easier to work together and facilitate the promotional deals that are so beneficial to our developers."

Alexander Beech
Alexander Beech
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