This week on the PS Vita Store: Open Me!, Ms. Germinator, and a PS Plus sale

What's in the box?

This week on the PS Vita Store: Open Me!, Ms. Germinator, and a PS Plus sale

What new downloadable games do we have for the PS Vita this week, then, my pretties?

Well, there's a pretty interesting augmented reality game in town, so you might want to dig those Vita AR cards out.

Otherwise, it's not looking hugely exciting on the new digital games front. One rather overpriced title and a sequel to a game that we didn't really enjoy in the first place does not equal mass hysteria.

Let's crack on, though, eh...

Full-price releases

Open Me! appears to be a really interesting AR game, so let's take a closer look at it...

Essentially, you place one of your AR cards down on a table, and point the Vita camera at it. A box then 'pops up' out of your table, with various locks and mechanisms all over it.

The idea is to tap and the flick the outside of the box to move switches around. Oh, and attempt to get the box open by solving the puzzles. Sort of like an AR version of The Room for iPad.

I've not given Open Me! a bash yet, but I'm hoping for great things - the concept alone is rather exciting. This'll set you back £6.49 / $9.99.

You can also grab Fruit Ninja for £3.99 / $7.99, which is slightly overpriced if you ask me. Then, there's Ms. Germinator, which is a sequel to the mediocre original Germinator.

On the US store, meanwhile, there's a free-to-play version of BreakQuest: Extra Evolution. A-Men is also available for $9.99.

Sales, price drops, and PS Plus

The US store is positively brimming with PS Plus sales this week. The same cannot be said for the European store.

You can pick up Ms. Germinator at 20 percent off the asking price if you're a PS Plus subscriber. As previously mentioned, though, don't expect a whole amount of fun from this title.

In the US, mind, you can grab a whole host of Japanese games on the cheap. Soul Sacrifice is $17.49, while Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus is $19.59. Elsewhere, Silent Hill: Book of Memories is $7.50.

It's worth dropping in on the store to check out the rest of the PS Plus sales, too.

PlayStation Mobile releases

The PS Mobile section of the store is rather barren this week. There is one bit of good news, though: the wonderful Rymdkapsel has been slashed in price from $4.99 to $3.99.

Elsewhere, Aik The Barbarian appears to be a £3.99 platformer with very amateurish gameplay and visuals.

Meanwhile, the developer of Instant memory test reckons that its app measures your brain's age, but the screenshots make me want to boot up Microsoft Excel. That's 79p.

Scientific Electronic Calculator is, well, a calculator. Priced 65p.

See you again next week!