This week on the 3DS eShop: Freakyforms Deluxe, Monster Shooter, and Samurai G

It's getting freaky over there

This week on the 3DS eShop: Freakyforms Deluxe, Monster Shooter, and Samurai G

Nintendo has spoken. This week's 3DS eShop releases have been named. Time to run the rule over them...

As per usual, the European and US eShops have been sent different cargo, presumably in an attempt to confuse us and throw us off the scent.

So, what can you expect this week? Anything interesting? Something sparkling?

Read on and find out.


European eShop releases

First up is the not-at-all-generically-named Monster Shooter. It's a top-down shooter in which you kill aliens. It costs £6.29. It's probably incredibly generic in gameplay, too, but we'll reserve full judgement until we give it a whirl.

Samurai G has a slightly more interesting name, and a more interesting premise, too. You play as Tetsuo, who attempts to collect Tengu's Gold and kill the evil Warlord Fuma assassins. It's only £1.79, so might be worth a pop.

Virtual Console-wise, you can expect to find classic arcade shooter Gradius for a whopping £4.49. On the DSiWare front, there's Come On! Dragons, a take on shielding your kingdom from hordes of incoming fire-breathers. That's priced £1.79.

Oh, there is one interesting item on offer this week - Art of Balance Touch! is available at cut price, down from £6.30 to £4.49. Well worth grabbing if you haven't already.

US eShop releases

US-based 3DS gamers get a whole different selection to choose from. Alas, you guys aren't getting anything too interesting, either.

Freakyforms Deluxe: Your Creations Alive! is now available for digital download for $19.99. Our Peter previously said that you won't really be into it if you're interested in, you know, actual gameplay.

2 Fast 4 Gnomz, meanwhile, is an endless-runner with a name that doesn't exactly fill us with a great deal of confidence. Nor does Cake Ninja 2, a DSiWare game that has you slicing cakes for fun.

Finally, Spot It! Mean Machines is a hidden object game for $1.99. So, essentially, a pretty poor week overall for the eShop. Maybe next week will prove more fruitful.

Mike Rose
Mike Rose
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