The Pocket Gamer People Survey 2009: There's still time

An iPod touch or Nseries phone is just a long weekend away

The Pocket Gamer People Survey 2009: There's still time

This is it - the last weekend during which you can potentially win an iPod touch or one of two Nseries Nokia phones by filling out the Pocket Gamer People Survey 2009.

Why are we asking for your views? Simple: because we value them. We know how much fun it is to produce Pocket Gamer, but we don’t know how much fun it is to read it - only you can tell us that.

To use a metaphor, the team and I are in the bowels of HMS Pocket Gamer, heaping our words and ideas into the furnace to keep the pistons pumping and the propellers spinning.

And you’re all up above, promenading on the deck, drinking iced tea, painting topless heiresses, and pretending to fly by standing with your arms out on the bow. Frankly, you’re having the time of your lives.

But somewhere there are storm clouds in the sky, and rain, and lightning. What happens if HMS Pocket Gamer drifts into them? Gloom, chill, misery.

And all the while we would still be shovelling ideas and words into the furnace, whistling casually and playing cards at break times, oblivious to the misery taking place up above. (There's no deck crew in this metaphor.)

It doesn’t have to be that way. The Pocket Gamer People Survey 2009 is your telecom system, connecting the sunny deck with the bowels of the ship. A few words into the receiver and you can make sure you stay in the sun, steer clear of rough waters, and visit all the places you want to see.

Do yourself and your fellow passengers a favour: let us know what you think.