The latest mobile games device is... a digital camera?

The new DXG-589V is truly a jack of all trades

The latest mobile games device is... a digital camera?

Blimey. Whenever we've invested in a new digital camera, our main criteria have generally been price, megapixels, and whether it's got an enormous zoom lens so we can spy on the neighbours like in Rear Window. Hang on, did we say that last bit out loud?

Anyway, games have never been a factor in deciding which camera to buy. Could that change in the future? US manufacturer DXG USA hopes so, as its new DXG-589V cam includes 20 pre-loaded games to play, with a screen that flips up to reveal a gamepad for controlling them.

The games are a mixture of 2D and 3D titles, although DXG hasn't announced which ones they are exactly. Meanwhile, the device isn't bad as a camera either, taking five-megapixel snaps, shooting VGA-resolution video, and even connecting to your TV to record programmes onto its SD memory card.

In the US, the DXG-589V will cost $199.99 (around £100), so it's aimed squarely at kids – or 'tweens' as they're known in marketingspeak.

What do you think? Can digital cameras really compete with mobile phones, PSPs, DS's and even iPods on the gaming front? Should they even try?