Talismoon's PSP car cradle for safe play on the freeway

Drive carefully now

Talismoon's PSP car cradle for safe play on the freeway

Obviously you shouldn't play PSP games whilst behind the wheel. (Well, GTA: Vice City Stories aside.)

Where that leaves Talismoon's PSP car cradle is thus up for debate. A hands-free mount for the in-car deployment of your PSP, at the least it'll stop you losing your trusty console under the passenger seat.

Conceivably you might use it for watching movies (when parked, or in a jam) or perhaps plug-in some headphones for on the road music. And obviously your glamorous passengers can fiddle with it to their heart's content.

What would really make the cradle useful would be a GPS system that operated via your PSP to give traffic directions. A GPS add-on is almost certainly in the works for PSP (and various fuzzy photos of it have surfaced online) but there's nothing concrete yet.

In the meantime, maybe you'll be able to load maps in Sony's upcoming Passport To… releases?

If any of those potential uses appeals, you may be interested to hear the InTouch PSP car cradle is out now. It costs £12.95 in the UK, or $19.95 in the US.