Take the music with you

Sony Ericsson brings music to the mobile phone with the new W800i

Take the music with you

The Walkman brand is back, this time adorning the latest Sony Ericsson handset. The W800i Walkman, available this autumn, is also a fully-fledged MP3 player and comes with 34MB of internal memory and a free 512MB Memory Stick Pro Duo, Sony’s proprietary memory card format. Although the Memory Stick’s capacity isn’t going to worry the iPod Mini which has approximately eight times as much memory, it’s enough for around eight albums when ripped at 128Kbps, and the phone will take the larger 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, too. If you do run out of tunes in the W800i’s memory, an integrated FM tuner will keep you entertained until you get home and transfer a new selection of music from your PC via USB or Bluetooth. A CD ripping program comes bundled with the phone, enabling you to enjoy your music collection on the phone. Sony earbuds are included so you can enjoy the music when you’re out and about and a range of accessories are in the pipeline that will enable you to enjoy them at home, too, by connecting the W800i to your hi-fi. The phone will cost £400 sim-free with monthly contract prices beginning at £10 per month.

A 2-megapixel digital camera, personal organiser, 262,144 colour screen, 9 hour talktime and 400 hour stand-by time are wrapped up in the 100mm x 46mm by 20mm body.