News developer Supercell lays out new updates to cosmetics, game balance and more

There's a new 'merch machine' too, whatever that is developer Supercell lays out new updates to cosmetics, game balance and more
  •, Supercell's top-down hack 'n slash monster-hunting game is still getting updates
  • Check out the new way you can acquire cosmetics, emotes and more
  • But is going to go the way of the Dodo as Squadbusters sits on top, Supercell's top-down hack 'n slash monster-hunting game, is getting fresh news about upcoming updates. As revealed in a Reddit post update, we can expect a revamp to the skin system and the addition of a new mechanic called the Merch Machine which lets you spend Merch tokens to randomly roll cosmetic items from a given collection. Naturally, this comes with the roll-out of new cosmetics (renamed to merch) emotes and more.

Additional updates to the Dragon World are also on the way, with a new map called Garden City. Set in a ruined city overtaken by lush flora, it's an idyllic setting to wander and explore. If only it weren't for all the monsters you have to kill in the process. The update goes over all the changes being implemented into as the game continues to trek through the early-access process.

Supercell success?
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We're glad to see that is still getting updates as the innovative top-down hack 'n slash format combined with good old-fashioned monster slaying has really grabbed us. However, we're all painfully aware that Supercell's typical approach to games like these can be exceptionally ruthless. Hopefully, gets the chance to stick around and find its feet, but with Supercell seemingly laser-focused on the potential future success of their latest hit game Squadbusters, we'd hedge our bets.

In the meantime, while we wait to see what happens there are plenty of other games to dive into on mobile. For example, if you want to get started with the best of 2024 you can check out our list of the best mobile games of the year (so far) to find out more.

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