Street Fighter engraved iPod hits the streets

Pick up a nano with your favourite tough guy or gal scratched on the back

Street Fighter engraved iPod hits the streets

Depending on which social circle you travel in, your gadgets are either practical or they're fashion accessories. If you're in the latter clique, these ostentatious little licensed beauties could well be the tastiest things you've seen all month. If you're one of the others, stop reading now and go buy a new cardigan.

Timed uncannily to help out with the Street Fighter IV mega-promotions, you can now grab yourself a nano engraved with the well-beaten mug of your favourite Street Fighter. There's no denying you'd be shelling out for displaying a rather flamboyant advert on the back of your music player, but there's also no denying the street cred (are 'the kids' still saying street cred? They are? Skill!) these artistic metal portraits carry with them.

And while we obviously can't make any promises, we do envisage the possibility of these items cropping on eBay in 30 year's time with an impressively well-retained value. Especially the E Honda ones, since no one's actually going to spend a wad on those when there's Ryu and Chun Li on the same shelf.