Sony Ericsson moving closer to a PSP phone?

Unification of product ranges could bring the PlayStation brand onboard

Sony Ericsson moving closer to a PSP phone?

We've fondled the idea of the PSP phone a lot lately, and eve SE president Hideki Komiyama suggested recently that it "could still happen".

A new development at the struggling mobile manufacturing partnership could bring the concept one step closer, according to Sony Ericsson is apparently dropping its Walkman and Cybershot ranges, in favour of a unified 'entertainment' technology.

The fact that the company is $135 million in the hole and looking for a bailout could be the reason it's cutting back on hardware fragmentation, but once those resources are freed up it does make sense for a techno-comeback with the kind of hot hardware that's currently missing from its line up.

Sony Ericsson recently landed UK exclusivity on the Bluetooth mobile game controller, the Zeemote JS1, so clearly its thoughts are turning toward gaming as being a way to sell mobile phones.

In many ways, it seems like madness not to bring the PlayStation brand onto a new generation of handsets, as it could be the perfect opportunity to give the portable games system a little extra life once the PSP2 comes along.

We'll wait and see, though without baited breath for the time being.