Sinclair ZX Smartphone in development

Clive Sinclair gets back in the games business

Sinclair ZX Smartphone in development

//Please note; this article was published on 1st April 2009

The ZX Spectrum epitomises the youth of a great many gamers out there today, and although Uncle Clive hasn’t been making computers for a while now, he still sits on his inventor’s throne in Cambridge.

With the success of platforms like the iPhone and today's launch of the BlackBerry App World, Sinclair Research has announced it’s currently developing a British made entry into the feature rich smartphone market.

Dubbed the ZX Smartphone (its actual name is yet to be revealed), speaking at the Business Link Centre for Innovation & Technology in Peterborough Sir Clive Sinclair said his first foray into the consumer electronics market in 12 years “will be worth the wait”.

Details are thin on the ground at the moment, though early concept designs suggest a fully touchscreen device with allowance for additional memory expansion and a slide-out membrane keypad.

Let’s just hope it comes bundled with Manic Miner. Watch this space.

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Spanner Spencer
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