Sega Mega Drive to make a portable comeback?

The Retro Gen gaming devices suggests it is

Sega Mega Drive to make a portable comeback?

VideogameCentral has picked up on a hot new bit of retro gaming kit from electronics manufacturer Innex, called the Retro Gen.

This is a sweet looking rebuild of the ill-fated portable Sega Mega Drive, the Nomad, but it looks pretty much impossible for any nostalgic gamers out there to ignore.

The most immediate feature of the Retro Gen is the six button controller, so you'll be able to play a full game of Street Fighter II, which you can load either using the original cart, or through the SD card slot.

The details on putting the games onto the SD card are kind of sketchy at the moment, though by all accounts it makes use of a new system from Innex's officially licensed Mega Drive console clone, the Firebox.

This uses a 'special development cartridge', which accepts the SD cards and will allow you to download a series of newly developed Mega Drive games. The company has been working with several developers alongside Sega to put together some brand new RPG, adventure, fighting, action and other Mega Drive games.

On top of this, these new games will actually be 64bit rather than original 32bit Mega Drive thanks to the improved technology, so would essentially be Mega Drive 2.0 games. Damnably exciting, no?

The Retro Gen also boasts a built in battery, TV output, and recharges through USB. Unfortunately, from what I can tell, you won't be able to link two of them up to play a proper game of Streets of Rage 2, but given that it's currently listed at just $50, the Retro Gen is still a very exciting new product.

We'll try to get hold of one to give you a bit more info (and to feed our out-of-control gadget habit).