Second wave of OpenFeint support set for Android this week

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Second wave of OpenFeint support set for Android this week

Cross-platform social gaming network OpenFeint is set to throw its weight behind a second batch of Android games this week.

Most exciting are the new games that will be released with OpenFeint functionality, which means you’ll be able to you share your achievements and high scores online and compare them with your friends.

PikPok is set to follow up on Flick Kick Field Goal with Flick Kick Rugby – a pretty similar game, but with a non-North American audience in mind.

Touch Racing Nitro and Penalty World Challenge 2010 from Bravo Games will be making the journey from iPhone, as will SkyForce from iDreams, while TastyPlay’s Kamikaze Race will be coming directly from the land of free Flash games.

Meanwhile, the last 24 hours have already seen the release of Babo Crash Deluxe from Playbrains (watch out for our review) and Cestos 2: Party Time from Chicken Brick Studios (a free pinball-flavoured multiplayer game).

It’s not all about new titles, either, as existing Android games including Super KO Boxing 2 from Glu, Speedx from Hyperbees, and Dot 2 from ustwo gain OpenFeint support.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: exciting times for Android gamers.

Jon Mundy
Jon Mundy
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