Rumour: Valve considering Steam for Android and iOS

Another app store, anybody?

Rumour: Valve considering Steam for Android and iOS

If you're into PC gaming, odds are you're already familiar with Steam, Valve's online distribution portal.

If you're not, then you soon might be - as it appears Valve is seriously considering bringing the service to smartphones.

A member of Steam's user forum Steampowered recently visited Valve HQ in Bellevue, WA, where he had an interesting chat with the company's leading man Gabe Newell.

Although he couldn't bring back a direct quote, he said the Valve co-founder was looking into expanding Steam to iOS and Android.

With Amazon's Appstore launching today, and other digital distribution services coming out of the wordwork at an alarming rate, it would appear that Valve will be late to the party with its distribution system on portable devices, despite more or less starting the party on PC.