Rumour: Sony Ericsson F305 Motion Gaming phone

Not quite a PlayStation phone, but almost

Rumour: Sony Ericsson F305 Motion Gaming phone


Oh, alright, maybe not. Sony Ericsson has been pretty clear about its lack of plans to launch a PlayStation-branded mobile phone.

However, that's not to say gaming isn't playing a more prominent role for the handset maker – in fact, it's been big for a while now, with Sony Ericsson spreading Java 3D throughout its handset range.

Now it seems motion-sensing accelerometers are coming into the picture, having already shipped in several of the firm's phones.

This weekend saw a spate of well-sourced rumours (for example this one) about a new handset, the F305, which for the first time will be branded as a 'Motion Gaming' phone. It's apparently due to be announced tomorrow.

Three games will reportedly be preloaded on the device, enabling you to bowl, fish and horseride by waving the phone about. Plus, there'll be dedicated gaming keys, and a power-pack accessory to enable you to keep playing when your battery runs dry.

It sounds good to us. Publishers have also been telling us that Sony Ericsson is keen to get them creating accelerometer-enabled games for its existing and upcoming handsets, so expect a few surprises for the F305 and its compatriots, too.

Watch this space tomorrow for more details, assuming those rumours are correct.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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