Rumour: ngmoco and Secret Exit iPhone game cancelled

ngmoco deflecting questions about game's status

Rumour: ngmoco and Secret Exit iPhone game cancelled

When ngmoco CEO Neil Young announced during GDC last year that his company was working with Zen Bound developer Secret Exit, applause erupted.

We're learning today that more than just the applause may have died.

Questioned about the status of the unnamed title, a representative of ngmoco stated that no information is available.

"I don’t have any info on that game, sorry!"

Taking ngmoco for their word implies that there's no information to be shared about the game because it's been cancelled. It seems a reasonable assumption since neither ngmoco or Secret Exit have revealed any details about the mysterious project.

This is the second game from ngmoco to have fallen off the radar. Rolando 3 was promised for a holiday 2009 release, yet the game never appeared. ngmoco and developer Hand Circus have avoided discussing the game when questioned.

Nevertheless, both companies have separately been hard at work on other games. Secret Exit is finishing up an HD version of Zen Bound, while ngmoco is reading sim titles GodFinger and We Rule for release soon.