Rumour: Don Mattrick departure fires starting gun on major Microsoft restructuring

Changes could occur from next week

Rumour: Don Mattrick departure fires starting gun on major Microsoft restructuring

Last month we reported on speculation surrounding a rumoured restructuring round at Microsoft – one likely to focus on bring the firm's Window 8, Surface, and Windows Phone teams into a single, service focused, division.

While nothing is yet confirmed, further credence has been added to such speculation thanks to reports that company CEO Steve Ballmer is considering an even wider reorganisation of operations following the departure of former Xbox boss Don Mattrick.

Changes at the top

According to Bloomberg, the latest conjecture comes courtesy of "people familiar with the matter", with Windows chief Julie Larson-Green set to be handed control of hardware development, including devices and the forthcoming Xbox One.

Interestingly, one other contender for this position was, reportedly, the now ex-Microsoft Don Mattrick, who recently left the company to take on the role of Zynga CEO.

The original rumours were, in part, sparked by Microsoft's recent Windows Everywhere' ad campaign. For the first time, the spot focused consumer attention on the complete suite of Window's products – Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone - as a single entity.

Other notable possible changes include the possibility of Skype president Tony Bates being placed in charge of acquisitions and relationships with software developers.

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