Rumour: Burnout devs working on new Need For Speed for PS Vita


Rumour: Burnout devs working on new Need For Speed for PS Vita

Criterion has started advertising for a Software Engineer to work on an as-yet unannounced PS Vita title, suggesting that we’ll be seeing the next Need For Speed title screech its way onto the Sony portable later this year.

The job advert (spotted by Twitter user Superannuation) speaks of ‘tuning the games resouce system for the PS Vita’, ‘implementing interoperation between PS3 and the Vita’, and finally, ‘ interfacing the game engine with several parts of the Vita OS’.


What isn’t so clear is what game the company will be bringing to the system.

While not officially confirmed by EA, it’s strongly suspected that the British studio is working on the new New For Speed game this year on consoles, given that Black Box handled the previous game, NFS: The Run.

There may even be an off-chance that the game could be another Burnout title, although the ‘interoperation between the PS3 and the Vita’ part of the advert suggests it’s going to be closely related to a console title, and EA has only confirmed a new Need For Speed is in the works thus far.

Criterion’s previous portable efforts include the brilliant Burnout Legends on PSP, so there’s a good reason to be excited to see what the arcade driving experts will have up their sleeve for the current generation of handhelds.

We’ll no doubt learn more a little later this year.