Rumour: Amazon's dual-core Kindle Fire coming to the UK in January

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Rumour: Amazon's dual-core Kindle Fire coming to the UK in January

According to website Know Your Mobile, "a source close to the launch" of Amazon's Kindle Fire has revealed that the tablet will touch down on UK soil next month.

The Kindle Fire launched in the US on November 15th, complete with access to a range of Amazon services, such as its Music store, its Appstore, and Kindle's library of books and magazines.

Amazon has been pretty tight-lipped regarding a UK release, however, with some reports suggesting that the 7-inch tablet wouldn't make it across the Pond at all.

Will the gadget show?

It's unclear which of the aforementioned multimedia services will be available if the Android-powered dual-core slate does indeed hit the UK in January, considering the Amazon Appstore is currently restricted to the US.

Know Your Mobile's source didn't reveal a solid release date or an RRP for the sought-after gadget, but it should - like in the US - be aggressively priced to compete with Apple's über-popular iPad.

We've contacted Amazon for confirmation that its tablet will be sat on UK shelves early next year.

Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
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