Rumour: Amazon to launch long-awaited Android tablet in October

9-inch tablet without a camera

Rumour: Amazon to launch long-awaited Android tablet in October

Amazon's long-awaited 'Kindle tablet' is scheduled to launch in October, with a second device being lined up for release in 2012, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

Strangely, the Kindle maker is said to have outsourced the design of its first tablet, which apparently uses a 9-inch display running the Android operating system.

The new tablet apparently won't boast a camera - a feature that Apple has been keen to highlight in its iPad 2 advertisements.

Amazon is, however, reported to be directly involved in the design process of the second tablet.

The report doesn't give any pricing estimates, but speculates that Amazon might use profits from its music and book sales to subsidise the hardware costs.

Wall Street Journal
Ryan McGowan
Ryan McGowan
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