Rumour: Amazon ‘Fire’ tablet to be revealed on September 28th

No Kindle needed for this fire

Rumour: Amazon ‘Fire’ tablet to be revealed on September 28th

As the date of Amazon's big press conference rapidly approaches (it's tomorrow), the rumour mill continues to churn out tablet-related tidbits.

We all know the giant online retailer's going to reveal at least one tablet in New York on Wednesday, and now TechCrunch is reporting that it will be a 7-inch device called Fire. I see what they did there.

The Fire is expected to run a dual-core TI OMAP processor and use a heavily modified version of the Android operating system, configured with the Amazon skin and packed with the company’s own apps like, yes, Kindle.

No smoke without Fire

It's also rumoured that Amazon has been shoring up deals with Fox for streaming TV and films to the device in an attempt to distance itself from its smaller, e-ink brother.

The big draw for the Fire will no doubt be its price, which is said to be around the $250 mark - significantly less than the Apple iPad 2. The expected release date in the US is likely to be November.

We’ll find out if this latest rumour is true tomorrow evening.

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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