Rovio has a non-Angry Birds-themed game in production

Coming in 'a couple months'

Rovio has a non-Angry Birds-themed game in production

Since 2009, Angry Birds developer Rovio has spent its time releasing numerous iterations of its extremely popular fowl-flinging game; producing a whole heap of stationery, plush toys, and boardgames to accompany the game; and partnering with large movie studios on Angry Birds tie-ins.

The Finnish developer has even teamed up with the Korean National Police Agency to try and combat bullying.

In a recent interview with website AllThingsD, though, Rovio's CEO Mikael Hed divulged that his company has an all-new non-Angry Birds-themed game in production.

This mysterious title will be available in "a couple months".

Guessing game

Unfortunately, Hed didn't reveal any further details of the forthcoming title, so it could be absolutely anything.

That does, however, mean that we can take wild guesses at what the forthcoming title could offer.

Our money's on Angry Fish. What do you think?

Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
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