PSP Go! confirmed in leaked Qore video magazine

Sony's John Koller reveals new handset sans UMD drive

PSP Go! confirmed in leaked Qore video magazine

Confirming rumours of a new iteration of PSP without a UMD drive, Sony's John Koller reveals PSP Go! in the company's video magazine Qore.

Speculation of the new device being launched with an emphasis on downloadable content has proven accurate, as Koller mentions in the interview. A 16GB flash drive joins a memory card slot for downloading games and other multimedia content.

Perhaps more intriguing than the stripping of the UMD drive is the handheld's unique form factor. Instead of sandwiching the screen with buttons and a directional pad, the screen slides up to reveal buttons, an analog stick, and a directional pad.

There's no second analog stick for the new PSP Go! or a touchscreen however.

Koller explains that the PSP Go! isn't intended to replace the PSP-300 model, which is currently available. New PSP owners will be able to download games, though it's not clear that new titles moving forward will also receive UMD retail versions as well.

Stick with us through the week of E3 as we provide more details about PSP Go! including our own interview with John Koller. In the meantime, check out the YouTube video provided by site Gaming Console Network which broke the story earlier today.

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