PSP Go! confirmation expected at E3

Won't be replacing the PSP, but sitting alongside it

PSP Go! confirmation expected at E3

Arstechnica's Sony mole has firmed up the rumours of the PSP 2 - or PSP Go! as it's now being called - and says we can expect an official announcement at E3.

The UMD-less handheld won't be replacing the PSP, according to the report, but sitting alongside it on the shelves, and may even have a lower price point.

We heard about this hardware update quite some time ago, as have a good many other people close to Sony's information sieve, but the real question hanging over the PSP Go! is its retail model.

So far we've heard about Patapon 2's US release, which is digital only but is also going on shelves as a kind of boxed download code, while Unbound Saga is bypassing the shops altogether.

Quite what Sony's plans are regarding distribution will hopefully be cleared up at the expected E3 announcement. We'll be there, so watch this space.