PSP digital store doesn't mark the end for UMD, says Sony exec

There's still a place for the little discs

PSP digital store doesn't mark the end for UMD, says Sony exec

With the PlayStation Store now available directly on your PSP, we've been wondering again about the future of the handheld's UMD format. After all, with a new distribution model available for publishers - they can now release PSP games just on UMD, just digitally, or simultaneously on both - won't the quicker and potentially more profitable digital option always win out?

Not according to Zeno Colaço, vice president of publisher and developer relations for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. When we asked him if this marked the beginning of the end for UMD, he was forthright in his defence.

"Absolutely not," he said. "We've just released the PSP 3000 so we're hardly going to be introducing a piece of hardware at the same time as we're dropping support for UMD. It's a case of recognising that consumers and content creators want the option of both digital distribution and UMD."

Of course, this attitude is completely in line with Sony's strategy that, like its other consoles, PSP has been designed as a piece of hardware that will be around for 10 years. Presumably that means UMD will be around for 10 years too.

And don't forget to come back tomorrow to find out how Sony's expects these complimentary release options to broaden PSP's games catalogue.

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