PS Vita gets a bunch of new game announcements from the East

Including Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable and Rainbow Moon

PS Vita gets a bunch of new game announcements from the East

The PS Vita is a great handheld and all, but where are all the interesting games? If you hear somebody say that today, point said chump in the direction of this here news story.

While scouring the interweb for juicy gossip, we came across a bunch of game release announcements from a range of sources. This isn't some concerted on-message push from Sony HQ, though - just a number of publishers revealing that they have faith in Sony's portable wonder.

First up, IGN has confirmed that lush PSN strategy-RPG Rainbow Moon is heading to Vita following its success on the PS3.

According to Hong Kong-based publisher EastAsiaSoft (though the game's actually made by a German developer), Rainbow Moon "will mostly be a direct port but we are keeping an eye on added functionality, including cross-saving support".

Expect it at some point in 2013.

We also have a tweet from D3 Publisher concerning the PS Vita version of cult action favourite Earth Defence Force 2017, a.k.a. Earth Defense Force 3: Portable (got it?).

"Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable will be coming to Vita this winter," the tweet reads.

This is in reference to a US launch (it hit Japan just recently), but hopefully Europe's going to get some love, too.

More good news for fans of cult Japanese games - GungHo Entertainment has just formed an American division. 'Who the hell is GungHo?' you may ask.

Well, it's the parent company of Game Arts (Grandia), Acquire (Way of the Samurai), and Gravity (Ragnorok Online) - that's some cult classic pedigree.

One of GungHo America's (flip, yeah!) first tasks will be to handle the publishing of three PS Vita game translations.

Action-RPG Ragnorok Odyssey will be making its way over from the US to Europe, while puzzler Dokuro (which we covered earlier in the month) and social action-RPG Picotto Knights will be released in the US.

So, it seems the PS Vita is the place to be for portable JRPGs and other Eastern delights.